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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as a debt liquidation process. The primary goal of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is to wipe out all debts. When the chapter 7 bankruptcy process is complete you should be free of all of your debt.

What is the difference between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The primary function of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to eliminate your debt. The main function of a chapter 13 bankruptcy is to reorganize your debt payments in an attempt to save a home.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney?

A chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is an experienced attorney that provides effective representation to those looking to wipe away all of their debt. Not every chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is created equal. Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully discharged chapter y bankruptcies. An experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will make sure that you do not file your bankruptcy without knowing whether or not you will qualify. More importantly, an experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will not jeopardize your assets prior to filing a bankruptcy on your behalf.

How do I qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Qualification for chapter 7 bankruptcy is based on the gross income of the household. The first step is to apply your gross monthly income to the chapter 7 bankruptcy means test to determine qualification. The second step is to apply your income and expenses to a monthly budget to determine qualification. Qualifying for a chapter 7 bankruptcy depends on the individual circumstances of each household. Married households with two or more children will have a different income qualification than single households with no children. Our experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will have a very good understanding of your qualifications after the free initial consultation.

Can I keep my car in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Yes, as long as you continue to make your car payments on time you can keep your car in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stop my foreclosure or garnishment?

Yes, filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy will immediately and temporarily stop a foreclosure proceeding as well as any collection efforts against you, including garnishments.

Will I lose my homestead if I file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you are current on payments then you can continue to make payments towards your mortgage and keep your home. If you are in default on your mortgage then the chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate, or liquidate, your mortgage debt. However, your mortgage company will still need to proceed with the foreclosure in state court if they want to try and foreclose your home. For more information on foreclosure please visit

Can I modify my mortgage if I file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

There is nothing preventing you from applying for a loan modification after you eliminate all of your debt in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The elimination of all unsecured debt may actually make you a more attractive candidate for a loan modification. Ultimately, your lender will make the final decision on loan modifications. For more information on loan modification please visit

Can I try to keep my home but get rid of my equity line or second mortgage in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, if the current fair market value of your home is less than the payoff of your first mortgage then you may be able to continue making on-time payments to your first mortgage while removing your second mortgage or equity line of credit on your property through a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Do both my wife and I have to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

No. Our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys will analyze the details of your case to determine whether filing alone or with your spouse is most beneficial to your case. However, there is no requirement that both spouses jointly file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will help you determine whether one or both spouses should file bankruptcy.

Can I eliminate IRS tax debt in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In some instances you may be able to eliminate IRS tax debt through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will need to review and analyze the particular facts and circumstances of your chapter 7 bankruptcy case to see if you qualify for such a result.

Why STAMATAKIS + THALJI + BONANNO for my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

STAMATAKIS + THALJI + BONANNO is home to the 30 day bankruptcy. What this means is that once you pay your attorney fees our firm will work to prepare your final chapter 7 bankruptcy petition within 30 days. Unlike every other bankruptcy attorney, our chapter 7 bankruptcy program provides you direct access to your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. After your free initial consultation you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney two times before your chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed. Our chapter 7 bankruptcy clients get all of their questions answered and completely understand what is expected of them throughout the bankruptcy process. Our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys provide the most competent, efficient, and client friendly bankruptcy services in Tampa Bay area.